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Sep 01, 2014

I really like Dogging! The act of having sex and flasing in a public place, for everyone to see, and I can join in the fun! You could say it's swinging taking to the extreme, because there are cases were large groups of people get busy in public... That's fucking cool, right!?!?

This website promotes women flashing on trains, in town centers, in the back woods and in car parks. In fact these slutty exhibitionists will get their jollies/knickers off just about anywhere. It really is a voyeurs wet dream watching these sexy bitches get fucked..

What is a website without photos? Just plain I tell ya, plain! Dogging photos contain real people, having real live sex in the public... You are going to see young hot chicks on their knees sucking cock, mature women laying on their backs in cars getting pounded by their boyfriends and total voyeur strangers that came to join the fun.

The idea of people having sex in public and knowing others are watching is hot! We shed inhibition and go all out with it, can you imagine busting a nut in your girl in front of others? Probably not at first, but I think you'd get used-to-it and like it real quick.

Try it out and post your dogging photos on the net for me to see!

  • My slutty wife fucking herself outside with a vegatable
    Watch my slutty wife fucking herself outside with a vegatable at this well known swinger spot I like the UK sun because it brings out all the sexy exhibitionists like this dirty wife who likes men to watch her while she stuffs her hole with this vegatable while they watch. To see the [...] [ more]

  • Kinky English MILF in the open at night flashing her hole
    Watch this Kinky British wife in the open at night flashing her pussy then pulling her panties to one side and having a piss. This Naughty British house wife is a real good looking girl and to see her late at night outside at the local dogging spots flashing herself and her hole is fantastic. [...] [ more]

  • Filthy wife drops her panties in the car
    See this very cute and filthy wife take off her panties in the car at this well known dogging spot so that strangers can watch through the window and see her play with her hole. What I enjoy about being a voyeur is that you get to see sexy swingers exhibiting them selves and their [...] [ more]

  • Filthy British MILF flashing her hole
    Watch this filthy British MILF flashing her hole after she pulls down her little thong. I love upskirts. but what is nicer is when the dirty amateur flashing her panties pulls them down so we can see her moist hole. In this picture series we took you can watch just that. To watch this dirty [...] [ more]

  • Dirty MILF flashing on the UK tube
    Watch this brave and dirty MILF out in rush hour flashing on the British tube while we shot movies of her flashing her tits and cunt in front of strangers on the tube , when they all went to work. You could not believe the look on the commuters faces as this Dirty MILF [...] [ more]

Video is hot right now! And a dogging website site should have video as well, so here you go.. a nice video sampler of British doggers, flashers and swingers from the very cool website British Doggers.

Check out the dogging video area often, as new dogging videos will be added when available.

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